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Name: Korsan

Breed: Donkey
Age: 13
Colour: Brown and White
Sex: Male
He needs your help!

The story of Korsan is sad and thought-provoking. We named him Korsan because of the traumatic loss he suffered – his eye.

Before he came under our protection Korsan was a working donkey carrying all sorts of loads in a remote village in rural Anatolia. A violent dispute broke out between Korsan’s owner and his next-door neighbour.  In a fit of rage and under cover of darkness the neighbour entered the barn where the donkey was tethered and knifed the animal in the eyes – all for revenge on his neighbour. When it became clear who the culprit was, he was tried and in due course punished. Meanwhile the donkey needed to be treated urgently and be in a place where he could be safe.

Concerned individuals asked us to take the donkey under our protection and give him the medical care he needed, and they arranged his transport to Karacabey. The donkey was young and small, almost a foal. A specialist veterinary surgeon agreed to come to our shelter, and a series of operations were performed to save the donkey’s eyes. Unfortunately it was not possible to save both eyes, and he has had to live out his remaining days with one eye – hence his name Korsan, the pirate.

So Korsan has been living in our shelter since March 2006, safe, secure and free. But he couldn’t get on with our other male donkeys, so we bought a female donkey to stop him feeling lonely. We had to buy this companion for Korsan, because it is only when they get old and are of no more use to the owners that female donkeys are either abandoned or end up in slaughter houses.

Depending on the season, Korsan eats on a daily basis a bale of either fresh clover or hay all by himself. The price of a bale, again depending on the season, is around 25-30 TL. Would you like to give us your support so that Korsan can be assured of having a good, reliable stock of his supplies?


Sponsor Korsan

You will take care of Korsan with the monthly donations you make as a sponsor.

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