Dear Friends,
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On behalf of THKD, Turkish Society for the Protection of Animals, I extend our greetings to you all.
The first seeds of THKD were sown by our founder Alice Manning who gathered together a group of friends calling themselves “Arms of Mercy” in 1908. In 1912 she founded our Society under the name of “Istanbul Society for the Protection of Animals”.
For over a century THKD has continued to extend its arms to cover all species of animals in Turkey and the people who do their best to protect and help them.
We now ask you to join us to go through our website to see for yourselves a small portion of the work we do.

Birgül Rona


Hayvanların Acılarını Nasıl Dindirebiliriz?

How Can You Help Us To End The Suffering Of Animals?

As THKD we rush to the help of sick and injured animals cowering in pain and fear, lying in a ditch, at the side of the road, under cars or any quiet place they may drag themsel...

En İyi İlk Yardım Sevgi mi?

Is The Best First Aid Love?

His name is Baki              

A supporter of THKD from abroad had come to Karacabey to ...


Stories of some of our rescue animals

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