If you would like to support the Turkish Society for the Protection of Animals (THKD) and want us to help more animals:

Join us by becoming a member. Our Management Committee will review your application and reply to you within the required time specifition. Our membership fee is only 30 TL annually. You can donate any amount you wish together with the membership fee.

You don’t have to be a member to support us. Through your donations you can contribute to the health checks, treatment and feeding expenses of the cats, dogs and donkeys in our shelter.

Your donation can help with the surgery and treatment costs of the injured and sick animals we rescue from the streets.

You can raise the awareness of your friends, relatives and colleagues to the plight of stray animals on the streets and you can direct their financial contributions to THKD.

With your donation we can work together with you to add new cat and dog sections we need in our shelter, because of the ever increasing number of animals arriving at our shelter.

If you wish, your donation can help us to obtain more individual kennels for dogs.

Your donation can help us with the constant work of repairing, reconstructing and renewing the accommodation we provide for the animals in the shelter.

 "Let them not be born to die" is our ongoing long-term project of neutering stray cats and dogs. Because we cannot by law run our own veterinary service, the neutering operations are carried out in private veterinary clinics. This is very expensive, and the costs are met by THKD.

The Turkish Society for the Protection of Animals (THKD) is an organization which depends solely on the contributions of  people like you:  friends who care for the desperate situation of animals. Its support for animals is direct, reaching the animals directly and is managed by volunteers dedicated to helping and caring for animals in Turkey. The only paid staff we have are the keepers we employ at the shelter.

THKD has no connections with any official bodies and does not get any financial support from the state.

It is one of a limited number of charities which have been allowed to use the word Turkey as part of its official title by a special dispensation of the Council of Ministers (Date of the dispensation 20.7.1973 and BKK 7146 law)

THKD was granted the special status of being a society “working for the public good” on 28 April 1950 , legislation No. 3-112056.

All our income and expenditure is audited regularly by the Ministry of the Interior.




In Honour of

To celebrate a special day of your loved ones, family and friends, please make a donation to THKD instead of (or as well as) buying them a present. If they care about animals they will really appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Or adopt one of our animals in your friend’s name, so that they can be the ‘’virtual owner’’ of a rescued animal. We shall send you or your friend a card or a sponsorship certificate to celebrate the occasion.

Your one-off donation or  regular donation in remembrance of a loved one will be commemorated by a plaque in our shelter. Their name will thus always be there for all to see.


Make a donation on behalf of a loved one.

We will send him / her an E-Card from you.

All you have to do is click on favourite card.


Corporate donors can contribute to our health-care work for stray animals or to our renovation and regeneration work at the shelter as part of the social responsibility/community welfare projects of their organizations.

As THKD is formally recognized as a welfare society for the public good, corporate contributions to THKD can be classified as expenses.


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