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Name: Periş

Breed: Short Haired Mixed Breed
Age: 7
Colour: Tabby and White
Sex: Male
He needs your help!

He had been brought to us in a dreadfully unkempt state, and so we called him Periş, from the Turkish word perişan which was an apt description of the state in which he had been found. He was a male stray living on the streets and had become yet another victim of a road accident. When a THKD member took him to the vet’s, we did not hold much hope for his survival.  One of his eyes had popped out, his jaw was fractured, and so was one of his front legs. His flesh was hanging off parts of his face. But after a series of operations and a very long period of treatment and recuperation it was difficult to recognise Periş with his beautifully reconstructed face. Periş has been living in Karacabey for seven years. He is overjoyed when he sees us, runs over to rub against our legs and jumps on our laps – a devoted friend who tries to tell us that he has not forgotten what we have done for him.

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