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Date 30.08.2018

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How Can You Help Us To End The Suffering Of Animals?

As THKD we rush to the help of sick and injured animals cowering in pain and fear, lying in a ditch, at the side of the road, under cars or any quiet place they may drag themselves to. Wouldn’t you like to extend your arms of comfort to such animals THKD will save?

Wouldn’t you like to have peace of mind and sigh a sigh of relief knowing that through your help an animal has been restored to health instead of dragging itself around starving, sick or injured, yearning for a miracle to rescue it? Yes, you can be that miracle.

 You can adopt one or more of the cats and dogs or other animals THKD has saved; or your child or a friend of yours can have a “virtual pet” through your sponsorship.

 You can make a regular donation to THKD however small it may be, or you may make an occasional contribution. Even the smallest amount is a huge help to us not only financially, but equally importantly to show us that you are there behind us and therefore we must not disappoint you.

On your special days or just to celebrate your friendship make a donation to THKD in the name of your loved ones. Or ask your friends to make a donation to THKD to celebrate your special day. And we shall commemorate this generous gesture with a Friendship Certificate.

We assure you that the only beneficiary of your donations will be the animals in need, and your generosity will give them a life.


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