Author THKD

Date 23.02.2018

Category Rescue Work

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Is The Best First Aid Love?

His name is Baki              

A supporter of THKD from abroad had come to Karacabey to visit our shelter. She had been there many times before; on these visits she enjoyed helping round the shelter and playing with the dogs, many of whom she knew by name and she had followed their progress over the years. That morning she had got up very early and gone for a walk in the town when she heard a moaning sound as she walked by a refuse container. She pushed the lid up and was astounded to see a tiny puppy, eyes not opened yet. She immediately rang the shelter staff and alerted them and within a very short time the puppy was plucked out and was on its way to the shelter.

It was so small and so weak that the shelter staff were afraid it would just die in their hands. They also saw that it was a male. To urge him to hang on to life and to live a long life they named him Baki, ‘enduring, everlasting’. Little Baki was bottle fed every 2-3 hours; a staff member took him home in the evenings so that his feeding hours could be kept regular and in the mornings he was brought back to the shelter to continue his feeding uninterrupted. Words of love and lullabies were whispered into his ear.

Baki indeed hung on to life, he grew to be a strong, healthy, happy and affectionate dog full of the joy of life. He loved playing with other dogs but he was happiest in the company of humans returning their love tenfold.

Baki is an embodiment of the love given without expecting anything in return.


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